Return Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Company under the name and style of “Rx Aushadhi Pvt. Ltd.” is a company duly incorporated under the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 (for the sake of convenience herein after referred to as the company). The company operates offline or retail store to provide medicines at reasonable price. is a web-based portal of the company and “Rx 24” is a mobile application. These two together collectively referred to as the website and is owned and operated by Rx Aushadhi Pvt. Ltd.

The user (for the sake of convenience herein after referred to as User or You or Your) is the one who accesses the website through any medium and uses the services provided via website.

The website/application provides online purchase of variety of pharmaceutical products/drugs from various pharmaceutical companies/entities and gives an online opportunity to various companies to sponsor and advertise their products/services. (For the sake of convenience herein after referred to as Third Party Company or services)

It shall be compulsory for the user or account holder to consent, agree and accept the terms & conditions and privacy policy to become buyer of the company otherwise the user shall not be able to proceed further and use the website including mobile application.

2. Use of Website/Application

The website can be used or accessed by any person who under provisions of The Contract Act 1872 is eligible to do or execute a contract. If a minor or any other person disqualified under The Contract Act, 1872 use or access the website or approach the offline or retail store of the company, he should be accompanied by his/her/their parents or guardian.

3. Information Technology Act, 2000

The privacy policy is published in accordance with various provisions of The Information Technology Act, 2000 including the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information Rules, 2011), regulations and guidelines.

4. Purpose

The purpose of privacy policy is to explain and inform to the user as to what personal and other information will be collected if the user visits our website, how the user can access and/or modify such information, in what circumstances the company will disclose the collected information, to whom the company will disclose the collected information, how the company will protect such personal information collected from the user and how the company will use collected information in careful and sensible manner.

  • Personal and Other Information

The following are the personal and other information the user will provide to the company. The provided information thereon will help the company to establish identity of the user and the user is bound to provide the correct information. The information includes personal information like- Name, Father’s/Husband’s name, Date of Birth/Age, Address, Phone Number, User ID, Password created/chosen by the user, E-mail address, any other personal information as provided by the user. Other information which the user needs to provide to the company/the website includes but not limited to medical record include medical details of previous and/or ongoing treatment, test reports, medical prescription etc., valid and correct details of Bank Account, Debit and/or Credit Card or any other mode of payment instrument and biometric information.

During your visit or access to the website, the company may receive information about the device/computer/mobile, user’s browsing history, computer/mobile’s operating system, browser type, time zone, plug in details etc.

  • Access and Modification

The user can access all features of the website if the user follows the following:

  • If the user is a new customer, the user needs to get registered or create an account where the user will provide desired information as mentioned above.

  • After registration the user will have the full access to product and information provided on the website.

  • To place an order, the user needs to upload the medical prescription and if required in other case, the user can simply select the medicine and place the order.

  • In case the user needs to modify or update any information provided by him/her, they can do it any time after logging in their account.

  • Disclosure of Information

Information shared by the user on the website or offline store are kept protected with utmost care and will not be disclosed to anyone but there are certain circumstances and exceptions the company will share or disclose your personal and other information to third party:

  • To our retail partner

  • To third party service provider

  • To logistics provider

  • To trusted online payment service partner for authentication and processing payments

  • To our employees and data processors associated or engaged to maintain the data

  • To any government, judicial or quasi-judicial body/institution, regulatory for protection against fraud or to reduce or null credit risk or as desired under the law

  • To protect rights of the company or the user

  • To protect property of the company

  • Any other circumstances in which the company deems necessary or it is inevitable to share the collected information

  • Protection of Collected Information

The company is committed to keep safe, the electronically collected information or data from the user and for the same the company takes utmost care and precautions. The company applies the latest technological safeguards to protect the collected information or data from any loss. As the company also operates offline or retail stores, the company may gather or collect personal or other information in physical or paper form, the company ensures protection of information or data so collected. Even though the company is committed and ensure protection of electronically and/or physically collected information or data but with the advancement of technology day by day we cannot deny or fully eliminate risks with the protection of collected information or data. In such a case the company shall not be held guilty for not providing adequate protection.

  • Use of Information Collected

The company will use the collected information as submitted by the user to the extent it is necessary to provide services including but not limited to following purposes:

  • For registration of the user on the website or at offline or retail outlet

  • For establishing identity of the user

  • For processing orders received from the users for our products

  • To complete the order with efficiency

  • For billing of products

  • To improve and customize the website for hassle free experience

  • For effective display of contents of the website best suited for the user

  • To interact or communicate with the user

  • To prevent fraud

  • To provide improved product line and services

5. Consent of The User

The user consents and bounds him / her with the terms of the privacy policy. It is responsibility of the user to read the privacy policy before accessing or submitting any personal or other information on the website or at offline or retail outlet. The user consents to the following along with other terms of privacy policy:

  • To provide correct personal information, the company shall not be held liable to any incorrect/inaccurate information provided by the user.

  • To receive routine and administrative communications sent by the company through call, postal mail, e-mail, notifications and messages.

  • To receive communications in relation to order placed via e-mail or other mediums.

  • To receive communications in relation to product line, special offers, new products and services.

6. Use of Cookies

The company may use cookies to enhance your shopping experience with the website. Cookies so used will not collect any sensitive or personal information. Use of cookies also helps us to remember the user’s preferences and to improve the website. It is on the user to accept or decline cookies and in case the user declines cookies the user may not be able to use all features of the website. The company has no control over cookies installed by website of third party or any other website. The company shall not be held liable for any actions of the third party.

7. Changes in Privacy Policy

The company may from time to time revise, change, update or amend privacy policy and will communicate through various means with the user. It is in the interest of the user to regularly check the policy for any such changes and review them. If the user continues use of the website it shall be deemed as acceptance of the user of changes made by the company in its privacy policy.